Peer-reviewed Journal Articles

Peng, Rui Jie. 2021.  “Rightful Bargaining: Rural Women Making Claims in China’s Targeted Poverty Alleviation Program.” Sociological Forum V36 No.3.  [link] 

Peng, Rui Jie. 2022. “Temporary Labor Migration, Split Labor Markets, and Workers’ Boundary-making Practices in a Chinese State-sponsored Workplace in Ecuador.” International Journal of Comparative Sociology 62(6) [link] 

Peng, Rui Jie, Jennifer Glass, and Sharon Sassler. 2022. “Creating Our Gendered Selves: Gendered School Experiences, Work and Family Plans, and Desired Work Amenities Among STEM Graduates.” Social Currents [link]

Liu, Jiaqi M, and Rui Jie Peng (equal co-authors). 2023. “Mobility Repertoires: How Chinese Overseas Students Overcame Pandemic-Induced Immobility.” International Migration Review. [open access link]

Book Chapter:

Peng, Rui Jie. “National Development Priorities and Transnational Workplace Inequalities: Challenges for China’s State-sponsored Construction Projects in Ecuador.” In The Tropical Silk Road: The Future of China in South America , edited by Paul Amar, Lisa Rofel, Consuelo Fernandez, Maria Amelia Vitéri Burbano, and Fernando Brancoli. Stanford University Press.


Public Writing on Sociology:

Peng, Rui Jie. 2023. “Gendered Space and Labor Control in a Chinese State-sponsored Hydroelectric Project in Ecuador.” Global China Pulse Journal. Vol. 1 Issue 2. [link]

Peng, Rui Jie. 2018. “Settling into the Field: Adjusting Research Strategies and Organizing the Data with MAXQDA.” MAXQDA Research Blog. [link]

Peng, Rui Jie. 2018. “Getting Grounded in the Field – Analyzing Participant Observation Data with MAXQDA’s Visual Tools.” MAXQDA Research Blog. [link]

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Peng, Rui Jie.  2015 “Going Local: Understanding Chinese Transnational Hydroelectric Projects in  Ecuador.” PORTAL, Annual Review 2014-2015, Latin American Studies and Benson Collections, The University of Texas at Austin. [link]


Under Review:

Peng, Rui Jie. “Rethinking Migration-Development Nexus in China: Why Qiang Migrant Women Resist Returning to Ethnic Minority Homelands.”

Works in Progress:

Book Project

Peng, Rui Jie. Engendering Migration from the Margins: Rural Ethnic Women in Migrant-sending Communities in China

Journal Articles

Peng, Rui Jie. “The Reverse Remittance: Home Support in Rural-to-Urban Migration in China.”


Peng, Rui Jie. “Intensive Grandmothering: How Older Qiang Women Maintain Social Reproduction in the Migrant-sending Homes in China.”